Tutorial 2.3 Submitting a PQS job

Step 9
Submit the PQS job.

We are now ready to run the PQS calculation. Use the CalculationSubmit Job menu item to submit the job. You should now see the confirmation dialog in Figure [*].

Image t1-9
Job submission confirmation dialog

Press the OK button to close the Job Submission confirmation dialog. As soon as any output is generated by PQS job, it is displayed and updated in real time in the output window, Figure [*].

Image t1-10
Job output window

Two files are monitored in the job output window: the .out file in the text area at the top of the window, and the .log file in the bottom. As output is produced it is added to the end of the file and the display scrolls down. Use the scrollbars on the left side of the windows to scroll up and down through the file.