Tutorial 3.6 Visualizing the PQS job output

Step 12
Capture the {19}F NMR spectrum of 1-methoxy-perfluoroanthracene

This is basically a repeat of Step 8 with perfluoroanthracene replaced by 1-methoxy-perfluoroanthracene. View the output file for the 1-methoxy derivative by typing pqsview F-anthracene-OMe1.out at the command prompt, Figure [*].

Image t3-15
View window - 1-methoxy-perfluoroanthracene, fluorine atom no. 9 selected

Exactly the same sequence of operations as described in Step 8 should result in the following {19}F NMR spectrum, Figure [*].

Image t3-14
NMR window - 1-methoxy-perfluoroanthracene, {19}F NMR spectrum