Tutorial 3.7 Building 2- and 9-Methoxy-Perfluoroanthracene and Visualizing the PQS job outputs

Steps 9 through 12 can be repeated to construct and capture the {19}F NMR spectra of the 2- and 9-methoxy derivatives. The output files are available as F-anthracene-OMe2.out and F-anthracene-OMe9.out, respectively. The structures and NMR spectra are shown in Figures [*] - [*].

Image t3-17
View window - 2-methoxy-perfluoroanthracene, atom no. 9 selected

Image t3-16
NMR window - 2-methoxy-perfluoroanthracene, {19}F NMR spectrum

Image t3-19
View window - 9-methoxy-perfluoroanthracene, fluorine atom no. 9 selected

Image t3-18
NMR window - 9-methoxy-perfluoroanthracene, {19}F NMR spectrum